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1015 years after Mario's defeat, everyone else is amazingly not dead or old. In fact they're the same! To the point, Bowser is making everyone as fat as him! But Jimmy T. is willing to save everyone from a fat fate & save the day with his Super Fist of the Mustache! Time to Wig-Out!

Bowser: The leader of the Koopa Kingdom. He's fat & not happy about it, so he wants everyone to be as fat as him. Why not just go on a diet, though?

Koopatrols: The basic minions of the Fattifier troops who go fattify people.

Bogmire: The Cemetary Shadow shares the title of Bowser's A Block General with Crazy & helps run a place called Crazy Carnival.

Army Hammer Bro.: The turtle from Super Princess Peach is the general of B Block. He kidnapped Vivian, but Jimmy & Shy Guy got her back. He doesn't like having dirty floors.

Count Bleck: He's from Super Paper Mario. He runs C Block.

Hector the Reflector: The giant invisighoul from Yoshi's Island DS runs D Block.

Lakithunder: Army Hammer Bros.'s younger brother from New Super Mario Brothers. He runs E Block.

Petey Piranha: This big plant runs F Block. He can fly, spit sludge, & do all those moves from Mario & Luigi 2.

Goomba: A goomba who used bribery to work his way up to the rank of G Block General. His "mother" is actually a male gulpit (Paper Mario). He was defeated by Jimmy in only one attack.

Beldam: The Shadow Siren that used bribery to not get fattified and to become the General of S-Block

Hammer Bros.: More basic minions of the Fattifiers, mostly they are Army Hammer Bros.' minions.

Magiblots: Count Bleck's minions. Red ones have high attack power, blue ones have high HP, and yellow ones have balanced stats.inions. Known for its balanced stats.

Mary-Go-Round: This (male) koopatrol who's parents were originally going to call him Cindy ran the Ferris Wheel.

6: This guy who resembles a 6 was found in the Stupid Space Ride. He is actually a 9.

Six-Face Sal: The Vice Leaders of A-Block. They can use their faces to absorb Fists and reflect them back.

~More enemies soon~


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